Ben Rorke

Owner of Tradition Tattoo.
Tattooing Since 2005 specialising in Traditional Tattoos and requested custom work in all styles. Ben is keen to do more large scale traditional japanese tattoos.


I've been tattooing since 2009 developing my own style, but rooted in tradition.

A formula of bold lines, bright colours and just the right amount of black is what I prefer, putting my mark on classic designs, with a real passion for ladies faces and flowers.

Hamish Clarke

Specialising in bold American traditional tattooing and custom work in many styles, colour or black and grey.

Tim Rix

Professionally Tattooing since 2002 Im proficient in all styles of tattooing with an intent to make every tattoo,my latest best tattoo

Specializing in the strange and quirky side of tattooing but also confident in all styles.

Hayden O'Connor

I have been tattooing since 2013 and I love to tattoo any style upon request, although my passion lies within Japanese and neo-traditional style of tattooing.

Crispy Lennox
Hamish Robins

Hamish is Tradition Tattoo's newest addition to the family - and first and only tattoo apprentice! Watch this space!

Guest Artists

Want to come and work with us? We’re always open to having like minded artists come and visit. If so, please drop us a line and say hello! Talk soon!